SC#1 – Small animal MR investigations

Research Works

New techniques, combining high temporal and spatial resolutions, have been developed at 11.75T in order to better image and characterize the mouse SC. Developments included EPI-based relaxometry, diffusion and perfusion (ASL, IVIM) SC imaging, as well as monovoxel 1H-MR spectroscopy.
These methods have been validated through the investigation of healthy controls as well as preliminary experimental models of SC injury (hemi-section, balloon compression).
Further studies have been conducted in controlled experimental models of contusion/compression (PSI impactor) at the cervical level to identify the different pathophysiological mechanisms and their timelines, as well as injury thresholds and early predictors of potential recovery. Experimental model investigations were conducted under ethical approved protocols, using limited cohorts.
These investigations allowed collecting unique information, not achievable in humans, from baseline to different time points in chronic phase. Major results concerned perfusion mapping in the acute phase of injury, highlighting important ischemia at the site of injury, followed by global hyperperfusion in the surrounding tissue in the chronic phase as a fuel demand to accompany tissue regeneration.

These results provided strong basis for further methodological developments and pathological investigations in humans, as well as new knowledge for multiphysic and biomechanical investigations.

The techniques can also be used through the CRMBM platform, and applied by teams interested in characterizing Spinal Cord disease models


Selected publications

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Previously involved people

Virginie Callot, Guillaume Duhamel, Mohamed Tachrount, Kathleen Perrin, Jérôme Laurin, Marion Fournely


Associated Keywords

  • Metabolism
  • Microstructure/architecture
  • MR Physics / MR Method developments
  • Perfusion Methods
  • Quantitative MRI
  • Spinal Cord
  • Ultra-high field MRI

Team members :

SOURDON Joevin —