Musculoskeletal System

Mission statement

The MSK group is conducting research related to Muscle energetics, Quantitative muscle MRI and Quantitative MSK MRI. A transversal project is devoted to muscle segmentation.

Regarding Muscle energetics, experiments are conducted in both humans and animal models. The corresponding topics are related to standardisation of results and protocols, metabolic effects of training, impact of muscle pathologies, metabolic control, muscle fatigue and functional effects of electrostimulation.

Quantitative investigation of muscle using MRI is mainly performed in collaboration with the Neurology Department of Prof. Attarian (Timone Hospital). The aim is to assess the validity of outcome measures for the follow-up of natural history of rare disorders affecting muscle and also to assess the efficiency of therapeutic strategy.

The MSK program is devoted to the quantitative and functional analysis of cartilage in both rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis using quantitative MRI approaches. Another topic is dedicated to microstructural analysis of bone at ultra high-field.

The transversal project related to segmentation mainly addresses the issue of an optimal supervised segmentation of individual muscles using a variety of approaches i.e. multi-atlas- based, registration-based, artificial intelligence-based…

Through national and international collaborations, we develop a multidiscplinary approach of muscle and joint function using different non invasive techniques and investigating a variety of physiological and pathophysiological conditions.

The muscle Group at CRMBM is a multidisciplinary team composed of biochemists, physiologists, physicists and clinicians.

Research Topics