Center for Magnetic Resonance in Biology and Medicine

Innovative MRI methods for the exploration of cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, central nervous systems


The Center for Magnetic Resonance in Biology and Medicine conducts translational research by developing and applying MR methods and instruments (RM) to explore the morphology, metabolism and physiology of human diseases and associated animal models (rodents). With the support of methodological and engineering teams, our research teams aim at (i) better characterizing healthy and pathological states of the central nervous, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, and (ii) defining new diagnostic and/or therapeutic strategies.

PhD award SFRMBM 2020 - Simon Lévy

Simon Lévy was awarded the prestigious SFRMBM 2020 thesis award ("prix de thèse") for his achievements during his PhD entitled "Characterization of spinal cord compression: Development of 7 Tesla Magnetic Resonance techniques for human spinal cord perfusion imaging and biomechanical simulation of Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy".