IT Infrastructure

Data storage system (NetApp and Synology solutions), 100-terabyte capacities.

Computer equipment including more 80 personal workstations (Windows, Linux, MacosX) connected to the data server to ensure the rapid data management (spectra, anatomic images, parametric images, metabolic images) and facilitates collaborative research protocols by hosting external clinicians and researchers.

Computer cluster (composed by a set of Linux Workstation) is controlled by a SGE (Sun Grid Engine Software) that organizes compute resources into job queues.

MRI/MRS data post-processing by the use of commercial and in-house softwares mainly developed in IDL, Matlab and python programming languages.

Freesurfer, MRtrix, FSL, SPM, BrainVisa, ANTs and others open-source softwares are the main tools for processing and analyzing MRI images.