Central Nervous System

Mission statement

The main objective of the CNS team is to develop innovative and quantitative pre-clinical and clinical MR methods at high and ultra-high magnetic fields, as well as image analysis techniques, in order to improve in vivo the physiological and pathophysiological characterization of both brain and spinal cord.

Preclinical studies of CNS pathological models help refine, reject, or generate hypotheses regarding the mechanistic basis of diseases by providing detailed structural, functional, and metabolic phenotypes/information associated with pathology.

Clinical MR methods developed by researchers and engineers are driven by clinical questions brought by the clinicians of the team specialized in Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy and Spinal Cord Injury. Researches focus on the different ways to characterize the anatomical, microstructural, hemodynamic, metabolic, ionic and functional alterations of the Human CNS.

The CNS team also provides through collaborations an academic platform based on the tools developed for the main topics adapted to characterize other CNS diseases (AD, ALS, Stroke, Parkinson, Schizophrenia, Spinal Cord Injury (LIA iLab-Spine) …).

Research Topics


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