CRMBM shining at the 2023 SFRMBM

13 avril 2023
Members of the CRMBM lab were active on the stage of the 2023 SFRMBM.

Members of the lab were numerous at the French MRI conference, the SFRMBM 2023.  Among well-acclaimed presentations and awards:

H.A Lokossou has been awarded the best Powerpitch communication prize for her works on the Impact of day and night cycle on functional connectome in mice. Congratulations Armelle!

A. Hertanu has been awarded the prestigious SFRMBM 2023 PhD. Thesis prize. Congratulations Andreea!

A. Viola and A. Perles-Barbacaru gave excellent classes.

S. Rapacchi was voted a new member of the SFRMBM committee.

CRMBM at the 2023 SFRMBM

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