RAPACCHI Stanislas

Research Associate (PhD)


Research associate in charge of acquisition-reconstruction techniques and sodium imaging for cardiovascular MRI.

Research Associate (PhD)

Detailed Activities

I am a MRI physicists involved in sequence programming (Siemens MR IDEA), images processing and reconstruction (Matlab, C/C++, Objective-C), acquisition strategy and experimental set-up (clinical & large animals) and statistical analysis.

My current project at Aix-Marseille University involves the development, validation and application of novel MRI diagnostic techniques for cardiac imaging with a strong focus on novel techniques at high (3T) and ultra-high (7T) magnetic field.

My work includes the implementation, optimization and validation of simultaneous multi-slice (SMS) acquisition for cardiac applications (cine, relaxometry), Sodium MRI for advanced clinical diagnosis of the in vivo human heart.

Specific topics :
– MR sequence simulation and optimization. RF pulse design (Matlab/C)
– MR sequence programming (Siemens platform, C++)
– Evaluation in vivo and statistical analysis
– Implementation of advanced reconstruction techniques using Gadgetron framework.


  • Image Processing
  • k-space Acquisition
  • Quantitative MRI
  • Sodium Homeostatis
  • Ultra-high field MRI
  • X-Nuclei
  • Simultaneous multi-slice (SMS) cardiac MRI
  • Image reconstruction
  • Gadgetron

General Information

A collaboration on fast multi-planar MRI of the pelvic dynamic is underway. Tailored acquisitions and image processing are proposed to address the public health challenge of the female failing pelvic floor and prolapse.

Publications :