GUYE Maxime

Professor at AMU, MD, PhD

Director of the Centre for Magnetic Resonance in Biology and Medicine (CRMBM) at Aix-Marseille University (AMU) and director of the medical site of CRMBM at the University Hospital in Marseille, France.

Lead PI and coordinator of the “7T Aix-Marseille Initiative” project around the whole-body 7T MRI scanner hosted and operated by CRMBM.

Medical Doctor (MD)

Professor (MD, PhD)

Detailed Activities

Maxime Guye, M.D., Ph.D., is a Neurologist, Professor of Biophysics at the School of Medicine, Aix-Marseille University (AMU), and in the Medical Imaging Department of the Marseille University Hospital. He is director of the Centre for Magnetic Resonance in Biology and Medicine (CRMBM). After a fellowship in the UCL Epilepsy Imaging Group (London, UK), he started a research activity on epilepsy imaging using multimodal MRI and electrophysiology in Marseille in 2002. Since 2014 he is leading the 7T MRI facility in Marseille and is particularly involved in clinical research and applications of 7T MRI in neurological diseases.

He is actively involved in the MRI community at national and international level. He was elected to the ISMRM High Field Study Group committee and was a member of the ISMRM program committee. He has been elected President of the French Society for Magnetic Resonance in Biology & Medicine and a member of the scientific committee of the French Society of Radiology. He is also a member of the scientific committee of the French Society of Clinical Neurophysiology and of the French League Against Epilepsy.
Maxime has published over 190 peer-reviewed papers in the field of MRI and Neurology.
His research interests are: Ultra-high field MRI; combining and comparing multimodal MRI methods (fMRI, dMRI, MRSI, 23Na-MRI) with electrophysiological recordings ((ic)EEG, EEG/fMRI); and brain connectivity.


  • Brain Connectivity
  • Ultra-high field MRI

Research Projects

Publications :

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