CNRS research engineer

Responsible of the IT Infrastructure
Manager of the IT processus (quality norm NFX50-900 ISO 9001)
CNRS communications correspondent at CRMBM
Member of the communication work group at CRMBM

Research Engineer (PhD)

Detailed Activities

I obtained in 2006 my Ph.D. degree at the Systems and Information Engineering Laboratory (LSIS lab) from the University of Aix-Marseille-2.
Title : “Images and Models registration : application to 3D reconstruction of sports scenes videos”

My research field is related to algorithmic, image segmentation and image registration for medical applications, in particular human brain data analysis.

From 2006 to 2011, I was a research engineer in LSIS and has recently participated in the BrainMorph project dedicated to the development and validation of surface-based brain morphometrics methods. I developed the software tools necessary to use these methods, mostly within the BrainVisa software platform, in C++ and python programming languages.
Since 2012, I am CNRS research engineer in the CRMBM Lab, and works in the research field of the functional and structural organizations of brain networks, muscle and spinal cord segmentation.


  • Applied Mathematics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Brain Connectivity
  • Image Processing
  • Image Registration
  • Image Segmentation


Vacataire Master TSI, Traitement du Signal & Image , Aix-Marseille Université
Responsable UE Préparation parcours
– Méthodes avancées du traitement des signaux et des images
– Application biomédicales
– Segmentation pour l’analyse d’images

Grant Supports

SATT Sud Est – Sociéte Accélération Transfert de Technologies – 2017
Co-PI du Projet SuperSeg : Segmentation Supervisée d’Images IRM Musculaires : aide au Suivi longitudinal des maladies musculaires et de la sarcopénie

Research Projects


Déposée le 10 juillet 2017, sous le n° 1756499.
Titre : Procédé et dispositif de segmentation d’images par propagation automatique dans une (N+1)-ième dimension d’une segmentation d’images initialisée en dimension N
Déposant(s) : Université d’Aix Marseille et Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Inventeurs : Arnaud Le Troter, Augustin Ogier, David Bendahan

Publications :