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Le nouveau scanner IRM corp entier à 7T est operationel au CEMEREM !

The advances of the 7T-AMI equipex project and the 7T-AMISTART Amidex project :

7T MR clinical system financed by a 8M euros grant obtained in the EQUIPEX 2 call for projects has been installed in 2014. The overall facilities available for MR research at CRMBM makes it one of the major institute of the emerging biomedical multimodal imaging pole located in La Timone Medical School campus.

7T-AMISTART project funded by Amidex fondation :

It is built on three transversal workpackages aiming to develop, validate and apply new non-invasive MR biomarkers of the physiology, structure and function of the human central nervous system (WP1), the cardiovascular system (WP2) and the musculoskeletal system (WP3)

First Images acquired on healthy controls in 2015 (WP1-WP2-WP3)

WP1 The CNS 7T-AMISTART project : Assessing non invasively physiology, microstructure, function and metabolism of the living human CNS (brain and spine)

Brain MRI :

Axial T1map Inversion Recovery Very High Resolution T2w Task related fMRI

Spinal Cord MRI :

2D T2 TSE (sag) & T2* GRE (ax) 3D T2 SPACE

WP2 The Cardiovascular 7T-AMISTART project : Assessing non invasively physiology, microstructure, Perfusion and metabolism of the Cardiovascular System (heart and aorta)

Dynamic cardiac MRI (CINE) using a spoiled gradient echo (FLASH) with a resolution of 1.0x1.0x4.0 mm3, 43ms temporal resolution. Images acquired at 7T using a 32-channels Rx/Tx cardiac coil :

Short Axis (SA) CINE Vertical Long Axis (VLA)
2-chambers CINE
Horizontal Long Axis (HLA)
4-chambers CINE

WP3 The MSK 7T-AMISTART project : Quantitative, structural and functional investigation of articular compartments and musculoskeletal system

T2 mapping Cartilage 3D modelling of patellar tendon Fractional Anisotropy of calf muscles (DTI)
Knee joint 3D GRE Calf muscle 2D TSE Trabecular bone 3D GRE