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Organizational chart

Mission statement

All engineers and technicians at UMR 7339 have a wide know-how of MR science and are trained to develop protocols/sequences on Bruker and Siemens operating systems.

The Team is in charge of the 7 MR scanners insuring upgrades, maintenance and repairing. Quality controls are monthly performed on all scanners. Finally, the engineers and technicians are actively involved in rodent and human applications of MR techniques together with scientists and clinicians.

Main topics

MR scanners & Monitoring for rodents (CRMBM)

Bruker Avance Bruker 500 WB
vertical MRI/MRS system
Bruker Biospec Avance 47/30
horizontal MRI/MRS system
Bruker Avance 400 WB
vertical MRS system
Bruker Avance 200 WB
vertical MRS system
Manager: Guillaume Duhamel Manager: Yann Le Fur Manager: S. Confort-Gouny Managers: Yann Le Fur &
S. Confort-Gouny

- Bruker dedicated 1H coils (head coil, body coil available) for mice
- Animal holders adapted for each specific organ are also in-house developed.

- 1H /31P coils and a forearm ergometer for metabolic explorations of human muscle
- 1H /31P coils for rats and mice
- In-house development of dedicated RF coils and animal holders adapted for each organ (muscle, heart and brain)

- Biological fluids, cell extracts MRS
- Perfused organs (heart) 23Na 31P MRS

- Perfused organs (heart) 31P MRS
  • MR-compatible rat and mouse monitoring and gating systems, anaesthesia monitoring, respiration and temperature control, pO2 monitoring and ECG. T
  • Animal’s physiologic conditions maintained and controlled during all MR protocols.
  • Several home-built cradles specifically designed for the strictly noninvasive functional investigation of the gastrocnemius muscle of rat and mice, different sizes in function of the animal and integrated an amagnetic ergometer and electrodes connected to an electrical stimulator. The 1H/31P coils are included inside.

A multinuclear Bruker Biospec Avance 7T MRI/MRS system will be installed in 2014. On behalf of Université de la Méditerranée, UMR 7339 is leading a project aiming at installing very high field and state of the art MRI scanner for rodents in the framework of the Investissements d’Avenir Infrastructure.

MR scanners & Monitoring for human (CEMEREM)

Multinuclear Magnetom 1.5T AVANTO MR/MRS
Tim scanner
Multinuclear Magnetom 3T VERIO MR/MRS
Tim scanner
Manager: Sylviane Confort-Gouny

- Horizontal magnet at 1.5T, 60 cm diameter
- 40mT/m X and Y gradients, 45mT/m Z gradient, 200T/m/s X,Y,Z.
- Tim (76 elements x 32 receive channels),
- 32 channel head matrix coil, 12 channels head matrix coil, 4 channels neck matrix coil, 24 channels spine matrix coil, 24 channels PA matrix coil , 1H/31P heart-liver coil, 32 channels body matrix coil

- Horizontal magnet at 3T, 70 cm diameter
- 45 mT/m X,Y,Z gradients, 200T/m/s X,Y,Z.
- TIM (102 elements x 32 receive channels)
- 32 channel head matrix coil, 12 channels head matrix coil, 4 channels neck matrix coil, 24 channels spine matrix coil, 24 channels PA matrix coil , 1H/31P heart-liver coil, 1H/31P muscle coil, 32 channels body matrix coil, 1TX/1RX dual 1H/23Na head coil
On Avanto and Verio scanners :
  • MR-compatible monitoring and gating systems (Maglife Schiller Medical)
  • MR-compatible automatic Gd contrast agent injector (Spectris Solaris EP Medrad)
  • Dedicated MR-compatible ergometers human muscle and heart energetics using MRI and 31P-MRS

An ultra high field (UHF) 7T whole body human magnetic resonance imaging scanner will be installed on the Timone campus of Aix Marseille-Université at CEMEREM. This innovative equipment has been funded by the Equipex II program through the 7T-AMI project, a partnership between AMU, CNRS, APHM and Siemens Healthcare. The engineers of the platform were very active in the definition of the new building and were involved in the definition of technical requirements, writing and preparation of the tender and in all negotiations with Siemens:

Multinuclear Magnetom 7T TimTX array Step 2 scanner

Manager: Olivier Girard IR AMU

- Horizontal magnet at 7T, 60 cm diameter
- 40mT/m X and Y gradients, 70mT/m Z gradient, 200T/m/s X,Y,Z.
- TimTX (8TX/32RX),
- 1TX/32RX head coil, 8TX/8RX head coil, , 1H/31P loop coil, 1TX/1RX dual 1H/23Na head coil, 1TX/28RX knee coil. This scanner will be delivered in October 2013 and will be the 2nd installed in France.

Elisabeth Soulier MR technologist and Patrick Viout technologist and engineers of the team are involved in MR acquisitions on human MRI scanners with scientists and clinicians.

Precision mechanics and electronics workshop

Several cradles for the strictly noninvasive functional investigation of the muscle of rat and mice were built in the laboratory. Similarly to what was developed for animals, ergometers for human was also designed and constructed in the laboratory. Instruments built in the precision mechanics workshop are always prototypes. The machine shop is equipped with several new machines for milling, drilling and turning . The laboratory has the capacity to manufacture in all kinds of amagnetic mechanical pieces for MRI projects. Christophe Vilmen is in charge of the design of animal ergometers and RF coils (electronics, mechanics) and the design of human ergometers (electronics, mechanics).

Computer and network

26-terabyte data archiving system. Internal network including 80 computers (Windows, Linux, MacosX) connected to the MR scanners to ensure the rapid data management (spectra, anatomic images, parametric images, metabolic images) and facilitates collaborative research protocols by hosting external clinicians and researchers. MRI/MRS data post-processing by the use of commercial and in-house softwares mainly developed in IDL, Matlab, SPM, FSL, BrainVisa, Python.

Arnaud Le Troter and Yann Le Fur are system and network administrators.

The web site of the UMR 7739 was created in 2006 and entirely updated in 2013 Arnaud Le Troter and Guillaume Duhamel are the webmasters.