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Animal Central Nervous System

Organizational chart

Mission statement

Research on small animal brain pathologies is conducted on the CRMBM imaging platform, which is equipped with two small animal MRI scanners (Horizontal 4.7T and Vertical 11.75T magnets) and two high resolution magnets (200MHz and 400MHz).

The main objectives of the different projects are :
- Fundamental exploration and characterization of animal models of human disease,
- Methodological developments of imaging and spectroscopy approaches,
- Pre-clinical tests on animal models perfectly characterized by MRI and MR spectroscopy.

Main topics

The Small animal brain imaging group is a multidisciplinary team with skills in physics, biochemistry, physiology and biology.

Small animal brain studies focus on several model pathologies such as models of inflamatory diseases, cerebral ischemia, epilepsia, infections diseases or genetics diseases. For most of these models, multimodal in vivo MR techniques morphological imaging, spectroscopy, functional imaging) as well as high resolution in vitro MR spectroscopy are applied.

Animal models (rat and mouse) are developped in the lab and also in tight collaboration with external research units.

For some of the projects, preliminary results already obtained are very promising. The main objective stays a better understanding of human pathologies based on a perfectly well characterized murine models.

Characterization of physiopathological mecanism of experimental cerebral malaria by multimodal MRI